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5 Signs You Need Air Duct Cleaning Services

Did you know your central heating and cooling system is one of the primary sources of indoor air pollution? Don’t panic!

It doesn’t mean your HVAC system is damaging your health. It does mean you should know the signs for when it’s time for air duct cleaning in Rockford, IL. If you live in Rockford, Illinois, you’re using your heating and cooling system for a good portion of the year. 

Proper maintenance keeps your family healthy and extends the life of your HVAC system. Do you know the five signs you need air duct cleaning services? Keep reading!

1. Dusty Vent Grills

Do you see an excess of dust on the HVAC air grills? Those are those little metal grill covers spread throughout the house.

The large vents are for sucking air into the HVAC system. The smaller vents are for pushing the warm or cool air into the house. When you see a buildup of dust on the grills, it’s time to call for an air duct cleaning service

2. Signs of Allergies and Asthma

Are your allergies or asthma getting worse? That dirty buildup of dust on the grills is also blowing through your home. 

If you’re having extra trouble with allergies or asthma, cleaning your air ducts improves indoor air quality and may relieve some of your symptoms. 

3. Signs of Mold and Mildew

There’s condensation in your HVAC system and that’s normal, though if you see dripping water, that’s a problem. Even normal amounts of condensation cause mold and mildew to grow near the air duct grill. 

If you see a buildup of mold or mildew, it’s time to call an air duct cleaning company and get the ducts cleaned. When the HVAC blows cold air, it can also blow mold spores throughout the house. If you see mold growing in the grill and throughout the house, your ducts are dirty. 

4. Higher Than Normal Energy Bills

Have your energy bills gone up for no apparent reason? The HVAC system works harder to function when it’s dirty and this can lead to an increase in your energy bills. 

Do you hear the system starting up more than usual? That’s your system working harder to push the air through the system. This is another sign it’s time to look into air duct cleaning. 

5. Constant Musty Odor

It’s not unusual to smell a little musty odor when you first fire up your system in the winter or summer. If you notice an ongoing musty smell that doesn’t go away, it’s possible it’s in the air ducts. 

When the system goes on, does the smell get stronger? That could be dust in the air ducts burning from the heat of the HVAC. The more dirt in the ducts, the worse the smell. 

Time for Air Duct Cleaning in Rockford, IL

Is it time for air duct cleaning in Rockford, IL? If it’s been a few years or you have any of the above signs, it’s time to call in the pros!

Are you wondering, “What’s the best air duct cleaning near me?” If you’re in Rockford, IL, we’ve got you covered! Call now for a free quote. 

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