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Carpet Cleaning In The Winter: Should You Do It?

If you think postponing carpeting cleaning until spring arrives is the best strategy, you may reconsider after reading this article. There are numerous good reasons to have professional carpet cleaning done in your house throughout the wintertime, especially in the Rockford, IL area. One big reason for getting your carpets cleaned pre-spring is the longer you wait, the harder the removal of mud, salt, and discolorations becomes. Minor spots, as well as spots from holiday entertaining or increased traffic, can become irreversible without timely and proper cleansing. Fibers of your high-quality carpets can start to suffer damage by trying to wait until springtime. There are also other factors to have your carpets cleaned up in the winter months, which we’ll cover in this article, but know your house will certainly thank you for the jumpstart on spring cleaning.

Eliminate Air Pollutants & Irritants

In spite of the potential to track in mud and snow, your rugs may stay cleaner for a longer amount of time in the winter months because they won’t gather as many irritants. There typically isn’t as much pollen, dander, and other harmful irritants coming in your windows and vents in the wintertime as there are in the warmer months. A professional cleaning of your carpets removes those harmful allergens and irritants that are there as well as makes it simpler for you to breathe when you’re inside. Doing so in the wintertime is wise because most people are spending the majority of their time indoors so ensuring the air is cleaner inside your home could be critical for your health.

Faster Drying Time

It’s very easy to believe that freshly cleaned carpets dry quicker in the warmer climate, yet that’s not always real. Carpets and rugs may dry much faster in the winter season because of lower moisture which helps the dampness evaporate quicker. Aside from the lower moisture levels, most people in Northern IL have their furnace, fireplaces, or some type of heat source running regularly which will also help speed up the drying time. At Fay’s, we remove as much dampness as possible during your cleaning so you can enjoy your clean rugs and the comfort they bring to chilly wintertimes as quickly as possible.

More Flexible Scheduling & Better Savings

Many people are under the misconception that it’s better to wait until springtime to clean their carpets. Therefore, the people that do get a headstart on spring cleaning and book their carpet cleaning in the winter months, will benefit greatly. We typically have much more flexibility in not only days for scheduling but times of the day as well ensuring you don’t have to reschedule any part of your day for us to clean your carpets. Not only is scheduling easier, but we often have better promotions or specials running in the winter months than we do during peak season. 


There are a number of good reasons to have professional carpet cleaning done in your home throughout the wintertime as we’ve outlined in this article. Whether it’s to enjoy better air-quality while spending more time indoors, faster carpet drying, easier scheduling, better savings, or any other reason, we’re happy to discuss your options with you and provide you a free estimate.

Just looking to get a quote without speaking to anyone? No problem. Simply head on over to our do-it-yourself Quick Quote Tool and you’ll have your estimate in no time. For info on scheduling or current promotions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 815-570-3297 or send us an email at faysaffordable@gmail.com.

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