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Our carpet cleaning services are designed to make quick work of your dirty carpets. We get it, cleaning the carpet thoroughly is a monumental task. That's why we're here to help bring you peace of mind. Trustworthy and affordable carpet cleaning services can be hard to come by. Our reputation and pricing speaks for itself. If you are looking for affordable carpet cleaning services you can depend on, look no further. Fay’s affordable carpet cleaning is here for you and even available 24 hours for emergency services. Rest assured knowing you made the right decision for your carpets and your wallet by choosing Fay's.

Why Clean Your Carpets?

Experience the many benefits our carpet cleaning services provide

Customers give us a ring because they want to experience the many benefits a clean carpet has to offer. While there are many more benefits than what we’ve listed, these are a few our customers are typically the most appreciative of.

Its true! A clean carpet helps promote a clean environment, free from dirt, dust and bacteria. As your carpet collects dirt and bacteria, it will become agitated and kicked up into the air as you walk. This can help influence the spread of bacteria that cause sickness. Regular carpet cleaning will help to keep the entire family healthy by removing bacteria-laden debris hiding within your carpet.

Professional carpet cleaning will help to extend the life of your carpet. When dirt and debris accumulate in your carpet, they will rapidly break down the fibers of your carpet. Regular cleaning will protect your carpet fibers by sanitizing them. Another way you can help extend the life of your carpet is by frequent vacuuming.

The difference between a dirty and clean carpet is night and day. Clean carpets will serve to magnify the beauty of your home. The last thing you want is guests to come over and be faced with dirty and stained carpet. Regular cleaning will help improve the appeal of your home and keep its value high.

Certain areas of your home experience more foot traffic than others. Consequently, the carpet in those areas suffers more and will appear more discolored and dirty when compared to the rest of your carpet. With our spot treatments and deep cleaning, we’ll help to even out those mismatched areas.

A dirty carpet weighs heavy on the mind. Let us provide you a clean conscious and a clean carpet today.

Did You Know?
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Carpets can contain up to 4x their weight in dirt often accumulating several pounds of soil every year

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Indoor air usually contains about twice as much dust as outside

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Air blown from your running vacuum cleaner is often one of the top 5 areas in your home for highest number of germs

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