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A Clean Business Is A Healthy Business

Our extremely talented team can help keep all types of commercial floors and upholstery clean and our clients find that we’re a one stop shop for their entire office, restaurant, retail or industrial location. Whether you have hardwood, tile, carpet, sofas, restaurant booths, and more, we have the expertise and advanced equipment needed to get the job done. Believe it or not, floors are often the first place people notice in your business. Don't just trust anybody with your commercial cleaning needs. We have decades of combined experience that guarantee your floors will shine bright enough to leave a lasting impression your customers will remember.

Why Have Your Business Professionally Cleaned?

Experience the many benefits our Commercial cleaning services provide

Fellow business owners give us a ring because they want to experience the many benefits a clean business has to offer. While there are many more benefits than what we’ve listed, these are a few our customers are typically the most appreciative of.

Dirty floors give an impression of a dirty business. As customers walk through the entrance of a business, their eyes are often looking down making your floors the first thing they notice. Clean floors immediately help make that first impression a positive one.

It’s true that a clean environment helps to improve workplace performance. When the area is dirty, it adds to the stresses of performing your daily duties. A clean floor and business will help to provide a stress free environment where productivity can thrive.

Dirty businesses aren’t just an eye sore, they can cause health issues for everyone around. The excess dirt and dust can harbor harmful bacteria that when kicked up in the air can cause allergies and sickness to both customers and employees.

Taking pride in the sanitation of your commercial operation will inspire confidence and trust from both employees and customers. When the floors are constantly dirty in your place of business, it sends the wrong image. Help protect the reputation and revenue of your establishment by hiring a professional, commercial floor cleaning solution like us

Did You Know?
Shiny commercial building flooring

The average commercial kitchen is 2000 sq. ft. which means 2000 sq. ft. of oil, dirt, bacteria, and mildew-collecting flooring

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94% of people would avoid a store or restaurant in the future if they encountered dirty restrooms, floors included

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60% of people say a clean retail environment has encouraged their decision to purchase more

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Unclean work environments experience an average 8% decrease in employee productivity 

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How We Do It

Our Commercial Cleaning Process

Every business is unique in its own way. There’s no one size fits all template for cleaning the floors and upholstery of our industrial and commercial clients. We focus on creating a tailored solution to solve your needs with our truly comprehensive commercial cleaning services. Regardless of the type of business you have, we have a system for you.  Whether monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually, we also provide regularly scheduled cleaning and maintenance so you have one less thing to worry about, making sure your business is always clean and customers always happy.

Who We Help

Commercial Cleaning For A wide Variety Of Industries Throughout Northern IL

Whether you’re a government facility, educational institution, office space, hotel, apartment complex, nursing home, restaurant, or beyond, we’re your commercial cleaning solution. We understand that some industries like restaurants have more regular commercial cleaning needs than others and we’re prepared to meet the demand. 

Have multiple locations? No problem, we’re happy to discuss your needs. We’re proud to be a leading option for the Winnebago, Boone, & Ogle County region and already serve numerous multi-location businesses all throughout Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, and the Greater Chicago Area. If you’re looking for a professional, commercial floor cleaning solution, your search ends here. Fill out the form with basic info and we’ll be in touch in no time.

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