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Your couch and loveseat take the brunt of dirt and dust that gets kicked up in the air, along with stains caused by spills, and the debris we bring in from our clothes. The fact is, if you care about the longevity of your couch, loveseat, and other furniture, you should give it a deep upholstery cleaning once every 6 to 12 months. Stains and dirt set in very deep with upholstery and regular cleaning will extend its life, keep it sanitary, and ensure it is always in perfect condition for family and friends to use.

Why Clean Your Furniture And Upholstery?

Experience the many benefits of Our upholstery Cleaning services

Customers give us a ring because they want to experience the many benefits clean upholstery has to offer. While there are many more benefits than what we’ve listed, these are a few our customers are typically the most appreciative of.

Are you tired of looking at those stains on the furniture and upholstery throughout your house? Most often, those stains can be removed with our advanced, deep cleaning equipment.

Our upholstery cleaning service will help create a fresher smell to your home. Old, dirty upholstery can cause a stale smell to loft in the air. We will help to enhance your quality of air to protect foul smells from settling in your walls and carpets.

Furniture can be considered a large investment. It’s something that we use everyday and is a staple of any home. Therefore, enhancing and extending the life of couches and loveseats is financial common sense and that’s exactly what our upholstery cleaning services will do.

Cleaning your upholstery will help to eliminate allergy causing particulates irritating your sensitive nostrils. Dirty couches and carpets are one of the leading allergy causing elements in homes.

You deserve to have a home that Looks Good & Feels Good. Book Your Furniture Cleaning Today.

Did You Know?
sofa upholstery up close

Soft furniture is an ideal nesting ground for dust mites which are the most common trigger for asthma and other respiratory issues

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Upholstery absorbs body oils every time we sit on them and then those body oils absorb dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants

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Dust and dirt left on uncleaned furniture acts as sandpaper to thin and fade upholstery, drastically shortening the life span 

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How We Do It

Our Upholstery Cleaning Process

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